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The Justice Conference


About The Justice Conference

The Justice Conference

The Justice Conference in 2017 will explore Jesus’ command to LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR. They believe that within this short commandment exists the power to transform communities through sacrificial love and the practice of authentic justice. This year Australians Together are cocreators of The Justice Conference.

As well as considering the overarching theme of ‘Love thy neighbour’, in 2017, the Justice Conference will continue to underscore the importance of developing a theology of justice - that God’s love should compel love for others and engagement in justice. Join thousands of Christians from diverse backgrounds from across Australia worshipping the Lord and exploring important themes such as:

  • The relationship between justice and mission
  • Gender justice
  • Justice and the Earth
  • Justice in a globalised world
  • Loving our Indigenous neighbours
  • Justice as vocation.

When: 27th - 28th October 2017
Where: Melbourne Town Hall
For more information visit the TEAR website here.


This event has not been organised by the Australians Together team. However, it may provide a valuable opportunity for you to continue your journey of listening to Indigenous people and building relationships in the future. Please contact the event organisers for further information.

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