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Mark's Story 

“We just wanted to honour the story and honour these guys,” says Mark, a window cleaner from Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. “Our way of doing that was making an artwork.” Combining his passion for art with his new-found interest in local Indigenous stories, Mark used 2,080 rubiks cubes to create a large portrait of the two Wurundjeri men. But first, he approached local Elders to seek their permission. 


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Fiona's Story

 Like many people living in Australia, Fiona Hilson didn't know much about Indigenous Australians beyond the stereotypes of dysfunction portrayed by the media. But when her small group leader suggested that they watch Sharing Our Story, Fiona made the decision to approach it with an open heart and an open mind.




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Dale's Story

“Initially when I heard words like invasion, there wasn’t much empathy in my heart,” recalls Dale Stephenson, Senior Pastor of one of Australia’s largest Baptist churches. But as Dale engaged with Australians Together, his awareness of our country's history grew and he began to see the present situation through a lens of 200 years of cultural decimation.



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Stairway's Story

In 2013 Stairway Church set out to explore how they could respond to the wound in our nation. Senior Pastor, Peter McHugh, explains that the decision to give such a high profile to Indigenous justice issues was all about following the heart of God.




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