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Cultural Training

Cultural Training

Cultural Training

Why is cultural training important?

It is important for non-Indigenous people to spend time learning about Indigenous people and their cultures before approaching Indigenous communities. 


Below are some suggestions for ways that you can discover more about Indigenous Australians, in order to help you build relationships in a more sensitive and informed way. 

1. Learn about Indigenous people

SHARING OUR STORY, a four episode DVD series, is designed to help non-Indigenous Australians learn more about our shared Australian history, and its ongoing legacy. This is a great place to start if you would like to learn more about Indigenous people and communities.


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2. Hear Indigenous peoples' stories 

We're constantly adding new stories, videos and articles to our website to help you learn more about Indigenous people and culture. We think it would be valuable for you, your church or small group to spend time exploring these stories, videos and articles.


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