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Weemol Community, Arnhem Land, NT

God’s Signature

Irene describes the evidence of God’s hand in creation, and in her community.

“In our culture, we still believe in the Lord God,” Irene says. “He was there all that time.” In this video, Irene describes the evidence of God’s hand in creation - the trees, hills, and rivers. They are his signature. 


Irene was born in Barunga, near Katherine NT, where her grandparents were taken around the time of the Second World War. Many damaging government policies, including the child removal policies resulting in the Stolen Generations, continue to have impacts that reverberate throughout her life.

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“In the olden days,” Irene recalls, “it’s all about me…me, me, me.” But accepting God, and making him the centre of her life, she explains, has changed everything.


Irene describes her community as a place of love, joy and peace. She urges us, “come here and see how we live… we can show them the love of God in everything we do.”

"The old ones put the message of creation in song for the young ones - to know there is a God. He was there all the time looking after us by His spirit. In culture way, we don't believe (in) evolution. The Spirit being was there all the time. This is a big thing."

Irene Jungawanga. April 2014.

Central Arnhem Land, NT.

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