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Sharing Our Story

Sharing Our Story


SHARING OUR STORY is a FREE four-episode DVD resource designed to help us discover the shared story of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.


Exploring key eras throughout Australia’s history, SHARING OUR STORY is an ideal small group resource that examines how the events of our past have affected the lives of Indigenous people in our current generation.

SHARING OUR STORY encourages non-Indigenous Australians to reflect on how God sees people, not problems; challenges us to examine our personal convictions; and presents the need to establish a fresh approach to building relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian people.

We’re inviting you to come on a journey to LISTEN to the stories of Indigenous people, LEARN about our shared history, and LIVE together in better relationship in the future.

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SHARING OUR STORY for Church Small Groups

SHARING OUR STORY is specifically designed as a resource for small groups within a church setting and is supported by an extensive Leader’s Guide and promotional materials. 

Small Group Resource

Individuals are welcome to view the series independantly. However, for maximum value we recommend viewing the series in a small group setting, accompanied by the additional small group resources available when you sign up for Group Leader Access.


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Episode 1 - Indigenous Australians

Episode One introduces the central concept of the wound in the spirit of our nation, and explains why Australians Together is important in this context. We shed light on current statistics which expose high levels of Indigenous disadvantage in Australia, and the subsequent challenges facing Indigenous communities. And we speak to several people who share what it’s like to be an Indigenous person in this country, highlighting that there is no uniform Indigenous Australian experience. 

In this episode, Indigenous leaders also discuss the importance of land, missions, culture and family to Indigenous people as we explore some of the key cultural differences between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. We also recognise the significant overlap between some of the core values of traditional Indigenous culture with values that are important within the faith community - family, intergenerational respect, and an awareness of the spiritual. 

Episode One Outline

In this episode we introduce Australians Together and consider:

Why is the idea of ‘Australians Together’ important?
What is the modern Indigenous Australian context, including:
- Current concerns and challenges facing Indigenous Australians
- What does it mean to identify as Indigenous?
- Indigenous culture and how it is different from (and similar to) non-Indigenous culture

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Episode 2 - Cultures Collide

Episode Two takes us back to the beginning of our shared history and the arrival of Europeans to this land. We look at the impact of colonisation, including many tragic and painful aspects of European settlement. We also hear about the era of Protection that followed, including the controversial role of the Christian missions and government reserves. 

Finally, we explore the era of Assimilation and the affect it had on the lives of Indigenous people, including policies of child removal and the resulting “Stolen Generations”. 

Episode Two Outline

In this episode, we begin to examine some of the key events of our shared history and how they have impacted upon peoples' lives.

We consider:
- The era of Colonisation, including Terra Nullius, massacres, disease, exploitation and abuse
- The era of Protection, including the controversial establishment of missions and reserves
- The era of Assimilation, including the White Australia Policy, the Stolen Generations and varying Indigenous perspectives on the missions

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Episode 3 - Times of Change

Episode 3 looks at the transition from Assimilation to Self-Determination. We learn about the emergence of the Indigenous civil rights movement, and hear about some of the key Indigenous leaders who campaigned to change the way that Indigenous Australians were treated by government and society. However, as Indigenous Australians were granted equal freedoms, new issues arose.

 Clyde shares how this transition affected his family. From there we move on to the present era, which we are calling ‘the beginning of Recognition’. This has been a period of growing recognition of the need to change the damaging patterns of the past and pursue new, healthier ways of relating as a whole Australian community.

Episode Three Outline

In this Episode we continue to explore some of the key events of our shared history and how they have impacted upon peoples' lives. In particular, we consider:

Indigenous Activism and the Self-Determination era, including:
- Charlie Perkins and the Freedom Ride
- 1967 Referendum
- Clyde’s story

The era of Recognition, including:
- Mabo land rights case
- The controversial ‘Intervention’
- Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s long awaited apology to the Stolen Generations

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Episode 4 - Resetting Relationship

In this episode, we look at “where to from here?” and consider the role of the church, and our role as Christians in Australia, in this complex area. Our hope is that we can be part of a new period in history that will become known as a time of healthier, more respectful relationship. We recognise that a new approach is required; an approach founded on humility, respect, and listening as we work together as peers. We explore what this resetting of relationship could look like in practical terms.

A wonderful example of Australians Together is the story of Kyle and Shaun, who, through respectful peer relationship, are building something that benefits many others. We also hear from a range of Australians about their journey so far, why a new era of Relationship is important, and what that might look like.

Episode Four Outline

In our final Episode we consider where our community of faith fits into this context, and how we can be part of writing a better chapter in our shared story. This episode includes:

- Interviews with Indigenous Leaders discussing Reconciliation
- The Power of Relationship: Kyle Slabb & Shaun Martin’s story

We ask key leaders: 
- Why is a new era of Relationship important?
- What could this new era look like?
- What is Australians Together to you?

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