In this moving video, Joanne speaks of the deaths of her parents and her younger sister, who were killed in a bus crash in 1990. The following year, Joanne's Aunt, an Elder and strong Christian woman, also passed away. These losses caused Joanne to start thinking seriously about her life.

It was at her Aunt’s funeral in 1991 that Joanne encountered the Lord and committed her life to Him. From that point onwards, she describes herself as a different person. Her gambling addiction disappeared overnight.

But Joanne’s faith has been continually tested. In 1999, her younger brother committed suicide, and between 2004 and 2005, she lost two more sisters, one of them leaving behind five children. “Through all those sad losses,” she says, “I just kept on trusting and having faith in the Lord… believing that He was there all that time with me, comforting me.”

Joanne also tragically lost her eldest granddaughter in 2006. More recently, another sister passed away, followed by Joanne's nephew on Christmas Eve in 2011. However, through all these tragedies and difficult life circumstances, Joanne has continued to find strength and comfort in God’s love.

“Through all those deaths… I just go on believing and trusting in God,” says Joanne. “I will never give up hope, just keep on praying and trusting in the Lord, through hard times and trouble… ‘til the day He calls me home.”