Essential Question

Who are The Stolen Generations?

Warning — First Nations teachers and students are advised that this curriculum resource may contain images, voices or names of deceased people.

Activity overview

These activities are based on the story told by Aunty Ruth Hegarty in ‘Separation – Ruth’s story’. They can be explored in pairs, small groups or as a class and have been written to take students from more-simple concepts and responses to more complex. Select and/or adapt questions and activities for your students based on their age and capability level. For very young students you may choose to watch short sections of the video or use some of the questions and activities to explore the Stolen Generations.

The following activities that are within this guide allow students to deepen their understanding of the Stolen Generations:

  • Watching Separation – Ruth’s story
  • Exploring language Ruth uses
  • Understanding Ruth’s personal experience
  • Discussing the key concept of ‘connection’
  • Considering loss of connection, and impacts on the Stolen Generations
  • Researching the stories of members of the Stolen Generations
  • Reading and discussing relevant songs and books by First Nations artists and authors
  • Viewing and discussing BTN’s ‘Sorry Day’ episode
  • Reflecting on outcomes, perspectives and learning

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