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How Indigenous ecological practices can help reduce emissions 
Our resources cover a wide array of topic - not just history. For example, this Year 10 science resource provides a lesson plan that explores how First Nations approaches are being used in the fight against climate change.

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Foundation English, Science & Visual Arts – Looking at and listening to our world

Students observe places and engage with art to develop scientific understandings of their own place and the continuity of seasons. They consider Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives and the limitations of applying European seasons in an Australian setting. The resource can be adapted to include local Indigenous knowledge.
Teacher guide

Year 1

Y1 English & Science – Tracking meanings from cultures and Country

Students will be immersed in First Nations stories, art and dance and reflect on how this can enrich their own communication and understanding. They will learn how to use features such as animal tracks, visual patterns, rhyme, descriptive words and movement to read the world and communicate meanings to others.
ACELT1581, ACELT1585, ACSSU017, ACSIS213, ACELA1444
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Y1 Science & HASS – Observing and living with the seasons

This unit guides learners to explore seasons, both Western and Indigenous, through observation, community research, hands-on activities and critical thinking. Indigenous seasonal knowledge was essential in the past for living well, and remains important today in order to live with and look after Country for future generations.
Teacher guide
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Year 2

Y2 Science & HASS – Living things: making connections with the world around us

This scientific investigation into living things explores reciprocity between Country and First Nations Peoples. Students learn about local plants and animals through observation, data collection and research; and unpack sophisticated belief, kinship and knowledge systems some First Nations people use to understand and care for Country.
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Y2 Maths – Comparing Western and Indigenous concepts of seasons, ordering Western months and understanding seasonal cycles

Students learn months of the year; European seasons; and how for thousands of years, First Nations people in Australia marked seasons and seasonal change by observing animal behaviours and natural features. Students begin to develop an understanding of the cyclical nature of time.
Teacher guide

Year 5

Y5 Maths – Comparing 12- and 24-hour time systems and Indigenous concepts of time

Students compare and convert between 12- and 24-hour time, in a context where they also learn that 12- and 24-hour time systems are one way, rather than the only way, of measuring time. Students learn how First Nations people in Australia have measured short-term time (daily time) and medium-term time (seasons) for thousands of years.
Teacher guide
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Year 7

Y7 Science – The cycles of Earth and space

Students explore how First Nations Peoples recognise cycles on Earth and in space, and how they utilise them in daily life. They’re given opportunities to compare and contrast this with the Western scientific understanding of the same phenomena, through a variety of hands-on science activities.
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How do I get the most out of these resources?

The resources are designed to be flexible and modular, working around how you like to teach. You can use the resources exactly as they’re designed, or as a starting point from which to build your own lessons. Make them your own and use them to help you feel more confident in class.

"We really wanted to have an authentic experience… so we made sure that we were doing it right"
Lisa Sacristani, Head of Year 9, Donvale Christian College
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How will Australians Together continue to help me? 

Change takes time and we’re here to provide the support you need over the long term. We’re constantly building new resources and we love to hear from educators like you. Feel free to reach out at any point and we can see how we can help. Together we can build a brighter future and a more united Australia for everyone.

Here’s why so many teachers love our resources:

  • Everything is ready to go
    Our resources include teacher guides and student handouts.

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    Teachers love our resources as they it saves them time when lesson planning and they’re packed full of activities that really engage students.

  • Authentic learning
    Teachers are following our resources’ responsive framework to confidently teach about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and perspectives.

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