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Foundation English Science Visual Arts – Looking at and listening to our world

Students observe places and engage with art to develop scientific understandings of their own place and the continuity of seasons. They consider Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives and the limitations of applying European seasons in an Australian setting. The resource can be adapted to include local Indigenous knowledge.
Teacher guide (2.5 MB)

Year 1

Y1 HASS Science – Observing and living with the seasons

This unit guides learners to explore seasons, both Western and Indigenous, through observation, community research, hands-on activities and critical thinking. Indigenous seasonal knowledge was essential in the past for living well, and remains important today in order to live with and look after Country for future generations.
Teacher guide (2.5 MB)
Student handout (1.9 MB)

Year 2

Y2 Maths – Comparing Western and Indigenous concepts of seasons, ordering Western months and understanding seasonal cycles

Students learn months of the year; European seasons; and how for thousands of years, First Nations people in Australia marked seasons and seasonal change by observing animal behaviours and natural features. Students begin to develop an understanding of the cyclical nature of time.
Teacher guide (3.9 MB)

Year 5

Y5 Mathematics – Using units of measurement

Students compare and convert between 12- and 24-hour time, in a context where they also learn that 12- and 24-hour time systems are one way, rather than the only way, of measuring time. Students learn how First Nations people in Australia have measured short-term time (daily time) and medium-term time (seasons) for thousands of years.
Teacher guide (2.3 MB)
Student handout (1.5 MB)