Let’s #standtogether for National Reconciliation Week

It begins with May 27: a day of unity that marks the 1967 Referendum.

On that day, 9 out of 10 Aussies stood together, agreeing that Indigenous Australians deserved a fair go. They voted yes to amend two parts of the Constitution that contributed to the marginalisation of Indigenous people.

It was the highest ever “yes” vote in a Referendum.

It ends with June 3: a day of truth and reconciliation, remembering the High Court Decision on the Mabo Case.

Before this date, Australian law operated on the understanding that no one had lived here or owned land before Captain Cook claimed it. But we know that Indigenous people were custodians of this land long before that.

The Mabo ruling was the first public acknowledgment of this truth.

But on June 3, 1992, we chose not to look away: the High Court ruling was an acknowledgment that every Aussie deserves equal opportunity, respect and fair play.

These two dates are something for Australians to be proud of.

They’re examples of when we stood together as a country, united for equality and a fair go for all Australians. Now it’s our turn to do it again.

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