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NAIDOC Week 2021

Invite your students to 'Heal Country, heal our nation' in NAIDOC Week 2021. This comprehensive resource offers rich primary and secondary activities and respectful ways to celebrate as a school. Activities are organised by learning areas, covering HASS, English, visual arts, music, science and the environment, for Foundation to Year 10.
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Foundation English HASS – Stories, families, places: belonging forever and ever

Students use story books, songs and videos to explore the importance of place and family in First Nations stories. Students look at past and present First Nations stories and explore texts that relate to place, family and belonging. Students reflect with their families on their own stories embedded in place and create their own texts.
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Year 1

Y1 Drama English HASS – First Nations societies before colonisation: Dreaming, living, using waterways

Dreaming is reflected in stories and beyond to give meaning to the world. Students work with Dreaming stories, including creating tableaux in a drama activity. Students find evidence of pre-colonisation engineering, aquaculture and trade economies to learn about First Nations practices and to reflect on sustainability for a shared future.
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Year 5

Y5 Science – Indigenous stories of the night sky

In this science resource, students will test predictions by gathering data and using evidence to develop explanations of observable facts and events. They’ll examine First Nations Peoples’ contributions to, and the importance of, Indigenous astronomy stories and knowledge to understand phenomena from the land, sky, sea and waterways.
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Y5 Science & HASS – Sustainable solutions: how Indigenous knowledge can lead to better land and water management in Australia

Students explore sustainable Indigenous resource management practices. Students engage with perspectives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples about how relationship to Country shapes decision-making, and they examine a geographical site to show how the environment was altered to sustain ways of living.
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Year 7

Y7 Geography – Geographical knowledge and understanding

Students explore the impacts of colonisation on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ access to water and basic details about water resource management. They engage with First Nations’ perspectives about the value and importance of water and examine local Indigenous cultures to understand the different meanings water holds.
ACARA code: ACHGK041
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