Educators often struggle with where to start when bringing First Nations stories, histories and cultures into schools. Through self-reflection, first-hand accounts and an understanding approach, we help teachers rethink how First Nations perspectives are taught and give them the confidence they need to get started.

4 hours
$2000 incl GST

Building Confidence Workshop

Chapter 1 - Let's start with culture

1 hour 14 minutes

In Chapter 1 you’ll be introduced to our 5 Key Ideas — a framework that helps teachers totally rethink how they embed First Nations perspectives and their relationship with their own cultures. You’ll also take part in an activity that helps non-Indigenous people better understand First Nations perspectives in a manner that profoundly affects those who engage.

  • Module 1: Welcome and introduction
  • Module 2: Teaching to make a difference
  • Module 3: 5 Key Ideas: an overview
  • Modules 4 and 5: Our cultures/Culture and Identity Activity
  • Module 6: The crossing out task
  • Module 7: The impact of losing your culture and identity
  • Module 8: Empathy through understanding
Chapter 2 - Understanding our history

42 minutes

Slavery, wage theft, segregation. These all occurred in our nation. In this eye-opening chapter you’re asked to examine the worldview of British colonists to try to understand their motives and see how their beliefs led to racist practices and policies. You’ll then hear first-hand how these policies caused widespread intergenerational trauma. It’s a challenging, nuanced and vitally important chapter.

  • Module 9: A shared history and different worldviews
  • Modules 10 and 11: Colonisation, policies and the worldview behind them
  • Module 12: The impact is ongoing
Chapter 3 - Our nation's wound and what it’s got to do with me

47 minutes

The ‘wound’ can be a difficult topic to discuss, but here we examine it without guilt, shame or preconceived notions. Through a range of stories from First Nations people, you’ll see how this wound is still very real and having an impact to this day. But there is hope, and in this module you’ll see how we can all begin to move forward towards a brighter future.

  • Module 13: The wound: an overview
  • Module 14: The wound: historical and ongoing
  • Module 15: Healing takes place through acknowledgement
  • Module 16: Why me?: personal connection leads to change
  • Module 17: Why me?: we’re responsible for what comes next
  • Module 18: Why me?: moving forward and working together
Chapter 4 - Making a difference

1 hour 26 minutes

In the last chapter you’ll be asked to consider ways you can make a difference. You’ll see how teachers are bringing First Nations perspectives and our 5 Key Ideas into the classroom, as well as the impact these changes are having on students across Australia. Finally, you’ll be introduced to our curriculum resources. They’re ready and waiting to help you bring your new confidence, knowledge and thinking to your work. Together we can make a brighter future for all.

  • Module 19: My Response: Start small, start somewhere
  • Module 20: My Response: Inspiring the next generation
  • Module 21: My Response: Teaching resources

Designed to be carried out over one day or two half-days and with 21 modules, this course explores our 5 Key Ideas — Our Cultures, Our History, The Wound, My Response and Why Me?

Teachers pick apart colonisers' worldviews, hear first-hand about racist practices like wage theft, and witness the power they have to make positive change in the classroom. Many people find it an eye-opening and transformative experience, and we believe it’s a great way to set teachers up for success in the classroom.

  • Built around first-hand accounts from First Nations people
  • Delivered via 20+ modules, so learning can be split up
  • Introduces our Learning Framework
  • Features a facilitator guide
  • Interactive, engaging and hands-on
  • Counts towards your professional learning hours
  • Personalised certificate on completion of workshop

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