Our Mission

We listen and learn from First Nations people to help non-Indigenous Australians build a greater awareness of our shared history and its ongoing impact, gain a deeper respect for First Nations perspectives, and help pave the way for meaningful actions for an Australia together.

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Who we are
Australians Together is a not-for-profit organisation that brings together a passionate and diverse team of non-Indigenous and First Nations staff, consultants and collaborators located across Australia. We work together; respectfully learning from, and partnering with, First Nations cultural and community Elders and leaders, curriculum writers, academics and educators. We recognise that there’s a wound in the spirit of our nation and we’re driven by the belief that, if healing is to take place, we need to work together.
"As part of a team of cultural consultants and reviewers, my role consists of working closely with the writers to ensure all resources are of the highest quality and ensure their accuracy, authenticity, and cultural appropriateness. This means that all teachers can use them in their classrooms with confidence knowing that these resources are fit for purpose."
Dr Aleryk Fricker Dja Dja Wurrung

Our focus

We focus on teachers. They impact the learning and perspectives of the next generation. Our resources are created by applying the Australians Together Learning Framework and are developed with First Nations educators to ensure they are authentic and transformative. We provide:

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A vast array of educational resources to expand teacher knowledge, build confidence and help shift teaching practice

Our focus PL
Professional Learning

Inspirational resources that encourage, support and guide schools towards whole-of-school change

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Curriculum Resources

An extensive suite of curriculum resources, activities and tools which equip teachers to bring First Nations perspectives and knowledges to the classroom change

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A message from Liam Glover

(Executive Director)

I feel a deep connection to the vision of Australians Together – there’s a disquiet in my spirit concerning the wound in our nation, that sparks my natural inclination to pursue equal opportunities for every Australian to flourish.

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"I saw a wound in our nation and knew that if healing was going to take place, a new chapter in our shared story had to be written."

Stewart Bogle - founder

PD236 ECV Presenter

Stewart Bogle


In 2010, a good friend approached me with a big ambition – troubled by the injustice faced by many First Nations people, he wanted to see an end to the disconnect between First Nations people and non-Indigenous Australians. His concern prompted me to gain a better understanding of the disparity that exists. I knew I needed to go out and listen.

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"Australians Together have become an integral part of the work we do within our schools across our Sandhurst Diocese."
Michael Chisholm Senior Aboriginal Education Officer