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Our History

A past that shapes our story as a nation.

Stories of our past reveal how the lingering injustices of colonisation continue to affect First Nations people in Australia, despite determined efforts to resist and overcome this adversity
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What about history?

Have you heard someone ask, "Why can’t Indigenous people just get over it? After all, it happened ages ago..."
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Voice to Parliament

Australia's opportunity to decide what kind of nation we are, uncovering our core principles and values.
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After the Voice

On 14 October 2023, Australians voted ‘no’ to the proposed Voice to Parliament.
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The colonisation of this land we now call Australia had a devastating impact on First Nations people, who have lived…
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In the name of protection

As a result of forcible removal, many Indigenous people were robbed of the culture and language specific to their…
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Busting the myth of peaceful settlement

First hand accounts, newspaper articles and diaries to reveal the tragically violent and bloody nature of…
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The Stolen Generations

Between 1910 and the 1970s*, many First Nations children were forcibly removed from their families as a result of…
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Early colonial attitudes

Newspapers and journals shed light on 19th century attitudes which regarded Indigenous people as inferior.
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Early missionaries to Australia

Who were the early missionaries, and what impact did they have?
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A white Australia

The devastating effects of assimilation policies.
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What's the fuss about Jan 26?

Australia Day claims to be about unifying all people who call Australia home, and yet ironically, it’s a divisive…
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The civil rights movement in Australia

By the mid 1960s, opposition to assimilation by First Nations people was strengthening and a civil rights movement…
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The 1967 Referendum

What was it and what did it achieve?
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Mabo and Native Title

The momentous Mabo case finally acknowledged the history of First Nations dispossession in Australia.
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Wave Hill Walk-off

A landmark event that inspired national change
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Australia Day

What’s Australia Day? Why do we celebrate it? How can we approach January 26 respectfully?
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Australia Day: answers to tricky questions

There are many different opinions about Australia Day. Here are some answers to the most common questions you’ll…
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Anzac Day - Lest we forget

Anzac Day, 25 April, is an important day for all Australians when we remember the sacrifice and contribution made…
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Separation - Ruth's story

As a young child, Ruth was separated from her mum on Cherbourg mission, Queensland.
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Losing home – Iris's story

Growing up on Cherbourg mission, Aunty Iris's family was under the complete control of government authorities.
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Stolen wages – Iris's story

Aunty Iris is one of hundreds of First Nations people whose wages were stolen.
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Doug's story

Racism has been a constant part of Uncle Doug’s life. Advance Australia Fair?
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Bob's story

Bob has struggled to let go of the resentment he feels towards the government, church and society for the role they…