"I was at a community centre and I saw a flyer for a Reconciliation event that the council had put on,” she says. Inspired by the Sharing Our Story series, Fiona decided to go along to the event and take one of her children. They had the opportunity to listen to a local Elder and learn about the rich local culture. Fiona’s growing awareness and understanding is now having a flow-on effect on her family.

I feel empowered to call people to engage with the topic.

Like many people living in Australia, Fiona didn't know much about First Nations people beyond the stereotypes portrayed by the media.

When Fiona's small group leader suggested that they watch Sharing Our Story, she made the decision to approach it with an open heart and an open mind.

“I felt it was going to be a positive opportunity to get my head out of the sand so to speak and actually engage in the topic rather than pretend it didn’t exist,” Fiona explains.

Since embarking on this learning journey, Fiona says that First Nations people are on her radar for the first time.