When we compare First Nations people and non-Indigenous Australians in Australia on a range of life indicators, there’s a devastating disparity. These statistics reveal something deeply wrong in our nation – an injustice towards First Nations people that began with colonisation and is ongoing today. Despite this injustice, many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people around Australia are thriving and proudly reviving, protecting and celebrating their cultures and identities. And yet, discrimination and prejudice towards First Nations people seems hardwired into our society’s very DNA. So how did it start and what can we do about it? 

australia broken logo 8.8x more homeless 8.5 year lower life expectancy 2.5x higher suicide rate 27x higher youth encarceration 1.4x higher unemployment Data rounded to nearest number

We've brought together an entire collection of stories and articles that take a deep dive into the origins of these injustices and their ongoing impact – The Wound in our nation.

Australians Together Learning Framework

Designed to reshape the narrative for all Australians the Learning Framework aligns with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures cross-curriculum priority and AITSL Standard 2.4. Explore and discover below.

The-wound The-wound
The Wound

Injustice from the impact of colonisation.

Discover our curated collection of stories, articles and statistics that expose the injustices at the heart of our nation.

Something’s not right

Who are Indigenous Australians?

First Nations disadvantage in Australia

Intergenerational trauma

The lack of treaty

The Intervention

Bob's story

Losing home Iris's story

Miliwanga's story

Separation  Ruth's story

Why-me Why-me
Why Me?

What’s it got to do with me?

Examines why this is relevant to every Australian.

Browse articles and stories that explore the ways we’re all connected, and what this means for us as Australians, collectively and individually.

What does this have to do with me?

Australia Day: answers to tricky questions

 Busting the myth of peaceful settlement

What's the fuss about Jan 26?

Mabo and Native Title

Our-cultures Our-cultures
Our Cultures

Everyone has culture. Know about your culture and value the culture of others.

Dive into stories and articles that explore the significance of culture and its role in building a brighter future together.

Welcome to and Acknowledgement of Country

Why are culture and identity important?

The importance of land

First Nations kinship

Aboriginal Spirituality

Bob's story

My-response My-response
My Response

Steps we can take to build a brighter future.

Find inspiration in stories and articles that show even little steps can lead to big change when we do things together.

What can I do?

Fiona's story

Mark's story

Connecting locally with First Nations communities

Attending First-Nations-led events