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Acknowledging, celebrating and commemorating significant dates throughout the year can help increase awareness and understanding of our shared past, and show respect towards First Nations Peoples, histories and cultures. It’s a powerful way that we can each play a part in bringing Australia together.


Get Involved

From cultural ceremonies, dance performances, art exhibitions and music concerts to marches, film screenings and festivals, there are so many First-Nations-led events across the nation that you can get behind. Many of these events revolve around significant dates in our national calendar, such as National Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC Week.

Other ways you can get involved include learning about the origins of these significant dates and sharing this information with others. You might find ways to observe or celebrate these dates at your workplace or school, or simply approach days like ANZAC Day or Australia Day with a new perspective.

We have tips and resources to help you get started when it comes to significant dates to be aware of. Browse our top picks below to get started!