Building Cultural Awareness guides your staff through the key things they need to understand to meaningfully engage with First Nations peoples, cultures and histories through the workplace. It can be accessed individually as an online course, or facilitated in a group setting

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Building Cultural Awareness

Course introduction

Building Cultural Awareness is a one-hour, online course that guides your staff through the key things they need to understand to meaningfully engage with First Nations peoples, cultures and histories through the workplace. 

We begin the course with a brief introduction, links to resources you might need, and a pre-course survey to help you reflect on how confident and active you and your workplace are in this area.

Chapter 1: Let’s start with culture

In this chapter, we look at the importance of culture and its impact on our sense of identity and belonging. You’ll learn about an Acknowledgement of Country, and hear more about the 5 elements of culture.

You’ll then complete an activity to help you reflect on the 5 elements in your context, for example: what customs are important to you? Who are the significant people in your life? This activity is designed to help you reflect on the way culture shapes all of us, and the impact it can have when any element is taken away.

Chapter 2: Understanding Our History and its impact today

In the second part of our course, we’ll cast our eyes back and learn more about the shared history of this continent. You’ll learn about the meeting of different worldviews, and how they influenced the events from colonisation until today. You’ll also hear stories from our shared history to help us understand the impacts it continues to have on Indigenous people and our wider nation.

Reflection questions between videos will also help you to consider the impacts of what you’ve learned.

Chapter 3: Finding and playing our part

In the final section of the course, you’ll learn more about why everything you’ve heard so far is important for every Australian to understand. We’ll unpack the part we all have to play, and help you identify some ways you can start to take action in your workplace, community and personal context.

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Built on the Australians Together Learning Framework, it will help you and your workplace start to build cultural awareness. This includes:

  • becoming more aware of your culture and the culture of others
  • understanding how this connects to Our History, and the ongoing Wound in our nation
  • identifying how you fit into this story
  • looking for ways you and your workplace can take meaningful action, now that you have increased cultural consideration.

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By completing the course, your staff will:

  • develop an understanding of the five key areas underpinning respectful engagement with First Nations people and cultures, based on the Australians Together Learning Framework
  • hear from First Nations people from across the country, making history real and personal
  • develop the foundation on which you can build cultural competence and awareness, cultural safety and trauma-informed leadership
  • understand why it’s important for workplaces to engage, and have some ideas for ways they can begin to take action.

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