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Sharing Our Story - A four-episode video series

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Episode 1

Episode One introduces the central concept of the 'wound in the spirit of our nation', and explores why this matters to everyone living in Australia, and particularly the Christian church.

Episode 2

Episode Two takes us back to the beginning of colonisation and the era of Protection that followed, including the controversial role of the Christian missions and government reserves. Finally, we explore the era of Assimilation, including policies of child removal and the “Stolen Generations”.

Episode 3

We look at the transition from Assimilation to Self-Determination as a policy approach to Indigenous affairs, including the emergence of the Indigenous civil rights movement. However, as Indigenous Australians were granted equal freedoms, new challenges arose.

Episode 4

We explore “where to from here?” and consider the role of the church, and our role as Christians in Australia, in this complex area. Our hope is that we can be part of a new period in history that will become known as a time of healthier, more respectful relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

Sharing our Story Leaders Guide

A guide to help your group get the most out of the series.

Biblical Reflections

Short Bible studies that specifically support the themes of each Sharing Our Story episode.

devotional readings

Devotional Readings

Extra material to help individuals reflect on the Sharing Our Story episodes

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