Essential Question

What can we learn about storytelling by exploring First Nations stories?

Warning — First Nations teachers and students are advised that this curriculum resource may contain images, voices or names of deceased people.

Unit details

Foundation English & DANCE & MEDIA ARTS
Lesson Time: 40 minutes
Lessons: 13
Duration: 6 weeks

Australian Curriculum
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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures cross-curriculum priority.

Unit overview

In this unit, students are introduced to a variety of First Nations stories. They develop their understandings of the different ways that stories can be told, such as through dance or oral storytelling. Students consider the messages or lessons found in both familiar and less-familiar stories. This unit concludes with the text Finding Our Heart by Thomas Mayo (2020a), as students connect with the ways that stories can bring us together and help us to find the heart of the nation.