Essential Question

How do First Nations Peoples use and combine different materials for different purposes?

Warning — First Nations teachers and students are advised that this curriculum resource may contain images, voices or names of deceased people.

Unit details

Foundation Science & Design and Technologies
Lesson Time: 40 minutes
Lessons: 9
Duration: 10 weeks

Australian Curriculum
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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures cross-curriculum priority.

Unit overview

In this resource, students become familiar with different materials and some of the properties they have. They build descriptive vocabulary and begin to form connections between properties and how they relate to the purpose of an object. Students explore the idea that different resources are available in different areas and expand their understanding of the ways First Nations Peoples use materials found on Country. They identify the Country they’re learning on and investigate materials used by First Nations Peoples in their local area to fulfill various needs.  They connect the use of different types of materials with the functions they have, and continue exploring some of the understandings First Nations Peoples have about the science and utility of combining materials.  

Through hands-on learning, students explore and experiment with different materials and categorise them based on physical properties. Vocabulary is important throughout this unit as it’s used to describe these physical properties. A visual display of relevant vocabulary in a ‘word wall’ may be beneficial and is also used as a reference for students in the assessment. Try to refer to these words as often as possible throughout the unit to reinforce their meanings.