Essential Question

How do First Nations Peoples express identity through stories and songs?

Warning — First Nations teachers and students are advised that this curriculum resource may contain images, voices or names of deceased people.

Unit details

Y4 English & Health and PE
Lesson Time: 40 minutes
Lessons: 10
Duration: 2 weeks

Australian Curriculum
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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures cross-curriculum priority.

Unit overview

This unit immerses students in the cultural stories and songs of First Nations Peoples. Through exploration of picture books and songs, students discover the important role texts play in the preservation of cultural practices and beliefs, as well as the expression of each artist’s unique identity.

Delving into storylines, emotive language and illustrations; and how these communicate successes, challenges, setbacks and failures of First Nations Peoples since colonisation; challenges students to reflect on the role culture plays in their lives and their sense of who they are