“To walk alongside someone, we need to share life.” - Maurice Bennington

Since 2013, Indigenous justice has become a primary focus of Stairway Church. In this short video, church leaders, Peter McHugh and Maurice Bennington, share why this topic is so important to them.

In 2013, Stairway Church began to explore the topic of Indigenous injustice in Australia. Senior Pastor, Peter McHugh, explains that the decision to give such a high profile to Indigenous justice issues was all about following the heart of God. "If we just open our hearts up to what the Lord is saying, we are going to feel the Spirit of the Lord prompting us," he explains.

Stairway introduced the Australians Together resources to their congregation through sermons and in small groups, creating a groundswell of supporters. But they recognise that the journey extends far beyond this starting point.

“We’re not particularly interested in just writing a cheque to this Indigenous Ministry or that Indigenous Ministry,” explains Executive Pastor, Maurice Bennington. “That feels like ticking a box”. Rather, Stairway believes that a relational approach is needed to address the injustice buried at the heart of our nation.

“To walk alongside someone, we need to share life,” Maurice says. “We didn’t create the past, but we are responsible for the future, so let’s go forward on that basis.”

Watch the video to find out more about Stairway’s journey so far.