Our framework is designed to reshape a new narrative for all Australians based on 5 key ideas. It’s aligned to the Australian Curriculum Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures cross-curriculum priority as well as AITSL Standard 2.4.

The Wound – acknowledges the pain and injustice inflicted on Indigenous Australians that began with colonisation and is ongoing today.

Our History – Increases awareness of Australia’s shared history by exposing true and challenging stories and facts.

Why Me? - Helps understand our interconnectedness and how it’s relevant to each and every Australian today.

Our Cultures – Helps us understand our own culture and identity and respect that of others.

My Response - Encourages Australians to actively respond in respectful and meaningful ways.

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The Australians Together Knowledge Overview

To gain a deeper understanding of the 5 key ideas, a set of knowledges have been developed to further support understanding of the framework. These knowledges can be used in planning as well as prompts for inquiry.

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