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National Science Week is an opportunity to include First Nations perspectives.

What's Science Week?

It’s Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology. National Science Week encourages younger generations to be fascinated by the world we live in.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures have a long and continuing history of innovation and knowledge relating to this year’s school theme, from spinifex resin and natural glass tools, to stories of the stars viewed through the glass lens and mirrors of a telescope. Our free resources are aligned with the Australian curriculum to provide ready-to-use lesson plans, activities and assessment ideas to support you and engage your students.

Looking for Science resources?

Foundation Science
Foundation Science & HASS
Students investigate how Indigenous scientific knowledge, through observation, has informed cultural and land management practices for millennia, enabling the land, sea, plants, animals and humans to survive and thrive.
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Y3 Science
Y3 Science & Design and Tech
Students explore heat transfer in day-to-day life and observe cooking methods at home as examples. Students learn about First Nations cooking methods and bush tucker to better understand the cultural importance of food.
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Y5 Fire
Y5 Science

Students gain an understanding of Australia’s unique plant and animal diversity, and the way First Nations Peoples use ancestral knowledge of adaptation of certain species in everyday life.  

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Y5 Science HASS
Y5 Science & Hass
Students explore sustainable First Nations resource management with a focus on relationship to Country in decision-making, and they examine a geographical site and how it was altered to sustain ways of living.
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Y7 Science Force and motion
Y7 Science
Students explore the physics of motion through a variety of hands-on science activities and investigate how First Nations Peoples use unbalanced forces to enhance motion in the design of everyday objects. 
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Y7 Biological Science v2
Y7 Biological Sciences
Students consider First Nations and Western systems for classifying organisms. They examine and recreate food chains and food webs, then apply their learning in a biological survey of their local area.
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Y9 Science
Y9 Science
Students investigate the use of fire to regulate biotic and abiotic factors in ecosystems. They explore human relationships with ecosystems and ways First Nations people use scientific knowledges to maintain Country.
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Y10 science mock up
Y10 Science
Students explore biological evolution by investigating the migration of African ancestors of First Nations Peoples and the physiological adaptation of Pitjantjatjara people to extreme cold.
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Here are ways you can get involved:

Download the National Science Week First Nations perspectives teaching resource book.

Display the National Science Week poster in your classroom or science lab.

Hold a Science Week event at your school.

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Why stop at Science Week?  

We have a range of curriculum resources suitable for all year levels, which can be used throughout the year, to help bring First Nations perspectives into your classroom.